TOP NEWS: What You should have learned from Covid deaths


Your Family’s Financial Security is at Stake

Washington – July 25, 2024Did you know? Many Americans believe that their employer’s life insurance coverage is enough, but the ugly truth is that such policies only provide a benefit of $20,000 or less. That’s barely enough to cover the cost of a funeral.

While everyone has their own political opinions, the Good News is that under the current administration, Life Insurance rates are still available to you for low fixed monthly rates starting at just $21/month for $500,000 guaranteed. We are advising all Americans to activate, renew or replace their Life Insurance now with as much as 70% savings today directly from Fidelity Life.

Procrastination, not Cost, is the #1 reason cited by spouses that were left without much needed life insurance benefits.

What’s perhaps the most astonishing is that even after a pandemic that took the lives of so many people of all ages, families are still playing Roulette with activating their Life Insurance. Why not take a minute right now? Even at just $1 per day, many American families are still unprotected from the financial distress of a parent’s death. Is it worth the risk? Accidents Happen

Get Informed. Activating Life Insurance has never been more important.

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