Are Cars less reliable than ever? Are Mechanics taking advantage of us?

Washington – July 25, 2024 – If you’ve tried getting your car repaired lately, you were probably expected to go without your car for 2-4 weeks and that loaner you were promised when you bought the car was probably not available for several months. This is getting out of hand!


Dealer service bays are fuller than ever before

Many of us rely on our vehicles for our income and getting our kids to school and extracurricular activities, not to mention some much needed entertainment or other social outlet for ourselves.

Here’s a sobering fact! The average American household spends $3,269 a year on car maintenance and repairs. All those fancy gadgets like GPS, Bluetooth, Anti-Lock Brakes, Airbags and crash prevention sensors come at a high cost to American consumers. Cars nowadays are not the simple machines they used to be. Today, new vehicles are loaded with complex technology and electronics.

Potential cost of Vehicle Repairs
Are you savvy enough to avoid overpaying for Car Repairs? Are you being taken advantage of?

Here’s a little known fact. That friendly Service Advisor that you’re talking to makes more money in commission than his wage. Service Advisors are trained to get extra money out of you which is how they earn their commission.

Don’t get stranded, or worse! Don’t leave your wife or daughter stranded!

Modern Extended Warranties by RoadMaster Auto Warranty include Roadside Assistance, Towing, Rental Car and even Hotel and Food expenses when traveling. Even if “Loaners” are not available, this coverage pays for a Rental Car from a convenient local location.




An Extended Auto Warranty from Roadmaster Auto Warranty is now available even if your warranty has expired.

RoadMaster Auto Warranty employs licensed mechanics that talk to your repair shop or dealer and review the repairs they are suggesting for your vehicle. Your Personal Repair Advocate is Free!

That’s right, you can have a free car repair advocate that knows every trick in the book.

If you activate a RoadMaster Auto Warranty today, you will not be required to get an Inspection, a $500 Savings and you’ll also get the Rental Car & Towing Coverage … at no extra cost!

Repair Costs Are Skyrocketing!

The average cost to repair an air conditioning system for example is $1,850. Over the next five years repair costs are going to increase about 12% per year. That $1,850 air conditioner repair today could cost as much as $3,000 to repair five years from now.

Not only has the cost of repairs skyrocketed, so has the cost of just diagnosing the issue. If your Check Engine Light comes on, the average repair shop charges between $100 – $150 just to hook your car up to a computer to tell us what’s wrong with your vehicle.

So are Cars less reliable than ever?

Even newer vehicles can experience unexpected mechanical problems, and particularly as of late. Recent manufacturer recalls are proof of that. According to automotive news site, “Safety recalls for automobiles sold in the U.S. are soaring, and that’s leaving many consumers wondering whether the big numbers mean automotive reliability and safety are declining. It’s a valid question. The number of passenger vehicle recalls in 2014 set a new record, 324 campaigns, exceeding the previous record of 224 campaigns in 2004 by almost 45 percent.

Worse than the climbing total of recall campaigns, though, is that the number of cars and light trucks subject to those recalls is soaring. More than 63 million passenger vehicles were recalled in 2014. That’s more than triple the total for 2013 and slightly more than double the 30 million vehicles recalled in 2004.”

One third of recalls are brought about by consumer complaints after they had no choice but to pay for expensive repairs. This is when a Vehicle Service Contract or “Extended Warranty” can be really useful. Not only can the Warranty Administrators cover your repair costs, but they can also track repair patterns and report potential recall issues to manufacturers.

Extending Your Car’s Warranty makes Financial Sense!

Extended Warranty administrators like Roadmaster Auto Warranty have kept up with technology as they have now loaded up their repair protection plans with lots of Electronics and Hybrid Add-Ons.

It’s not too late to get an extended warranty on your car, even if it’s been out of warranty for years. If your car has less than 150,000 miles, chances are you still qualify for an extended warranty.


After looking at most common scenarios of what an average person will pay in auto repairs after a car is out of factory warranty, it makes sense to extend coverage.  But it is important to understand what you’re getting into and especially what is covered and what isn’t. Like any other type of product that will last for years, it pays to spend 5 minutes going over what you get, what is excluded, and what other perks come along with it. Things such as roadside assistance, loaner cars, and trip interruption can be included or offered as options. But an extended auto warranty is something that everyone should at least consider. No matter how you slice it!

Beat Crooked Mechanics and Bad Service with RoadMaster Warranty. You have a limited time to activate without an Inspection (a $500 Savings!)

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