Crime, Break-Ins and Theft, especially Front Door Package Theft, may hit an all-time high in 2023!

Washington – July 25, 2024DID YOU KNOW, Smart Home Security has improved so dramatically that you no longer need expensive wiring, dedicated phone lines and a complicated installation process to protect your home?

In partnership with ConsumerProtect360, ADT Home Security is offering the newest award-winning Smart Home Security with Free DIY Installation*. Even if your home is already equipped with a wired built-in security panel, such antiquated systems were not designed to combat today’s modern sophisticated criminals. Home Security has evolved!

Now you can get a Smart Security Equipment Bundle valued at $850 for FREE. All you have to pay is the monitoring fee starting at $28.99 per month (promotion ends Wednesday).

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your valuables for as little as $28/month. See what ADT’s Modern Home Security has to offer today.

PEOPLE ARE DESPERATE. Are you doing everything you can to Protect your Family from a Home Intrusion or Hate Crime?

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* Free Equipment and Discount require a minimum 12-month contract